There are so many places you could spend your Sunday. We would feel honored to have you visit with us this week. Whether you are saved or searching, a believer or a skeptic, committed or questioning, there is a place for you. Just come check things out!
If you’re visiting for the first time here are some things you can expect:
  • DRESS: Wear what you like. There will be plenty of jeans and tees!
  • PARKING: Parking is super convenient and we promise to leave the best and closest spots for you.
  • HOSPITALITY TEAM: Our volunteers will greet you with a gift and answer any questions you may have. They can also help get your children situated and offer you a free coffee. We’ll never call you out or embarrass you.
  • CAFE: We serve coffee, tea, soda and pastries. If you are visiting with us, yours is complimentary.
  • CHILDREN: Children infants through 5th grade can check in upon arrival. Kids younger than K4 can be taken to the Nursery/Toddler room before service. We dismiss K4-5th grade after music to enjoy their own service. You are also welcome to have your children with you as long as you like. Each child is given a name tag along with a matching tag for the parents – these are checked when it’s time for the children to be dismissed. All our volunteers complete background checks before serving. 
  • MUSIC: We love to jump right into music. You can sing, stand, sit, dance, or raise your hands. We are enthusiastic about worship.
  • MESSAGE: The messages are meant to draw you into a relationship with God, to help you walk in power and the will of God for your life. Don’t worry, we put the cookies on a low shelf where everyone can understand and apply the messages to real life.
*Our gatherings usually last about 75 minutes.

Who We Are

Our name gives insight into our heart. Embers are hot, glowing coals that give off incredible heat. Embers can rekindle a fire thought to have been extinguished. Certain embers are light and easily blown by the wind far beyond the fire. These embers, put in contact with dry fields and forests, can create a raging fire. We are embers, ignited by God, igniting others with revival fire.
If you learn The 3P’s your life will never be the same…in a powerful way!




We believe that sickness, disease, affliction, brokenness, hopelessness, and despair must bow at the name of Jesus.
We believe that sickness, disease, affliction, brokenness, hopelessness, and despair must bow at the name of Jesus.
God has given us gifts, talents, abilities and there is a calling on each of our lives.


The following values shape who we are, what we do, how we do them, and what we pass on!


Life is already too complicated.


We were made to worship Him and Him alone.


We choose to love and honor by our actions.


We are dedicated to transforming and serving our city (aka “Doing the Stuff”)


Life, ministry, and missions work through our groups.


We are radical givers building His kingdom.


We help you discover who God made you to be.