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Doing the Stuff

That phrase, “doing the stuff” was coined by Pastor John Wimber. He was a former 60’s keyboard player who was radically saved. He often commented on how when he worked for satan, he got to do the stuff. When he got saved, he fell in love with Jesus and thought the church would show him how to do the stuff. Instead, they talked about the stuff, sang about the stuff, cried about the stuff but never did the stuff. He was told it was sufficient just to believe that Jesus once did the stuff. That wasn’t enough for Wimber who went on to pursue and walk in the power of God.

I am issuing the challenge that we make doing the stuff a priority at ember. What does this look like you may ask? This is a ministry to people. It’s not a program that has to be maintained. There is no schedule that has to be carved in stone. It is simply being led by the Holy Spirit to the next person who needs a touch. You have what you need. You know what to do. You were born for this. So let’s go do the stuff.