We Value #Wholeness

We Value #Wholeness

God is holy! He is perfectly whole. This sets God apart and makes Him unlike any other. We are unable to relate to this supreme perfection in every single imaginable category. He then calls us to be holy! What??? At first that seems overwhelming and impossible but only if I hear this as a call to absolute moral perfection. If instead what I hear is an invitation to be made whole in every area of life, well now you have my interest and attention. Tell me more.

The Greek word “sozo” translated to save carries with it the idea of being saved, to keep safe and sound, to preserve, to deliver, to be make well, to heal, to make whole. Salvation is an invitation into the wholeness of God in every area of life, without exception. Now think of the life and ministry of Jesus and how He ministered wholeness in mind, body, soul, spirit, emotion, thoughts, and feelings.  

Consider His work to free us from sinlike hate, addiction, jealousy, envy, strife, bitterness, unforgiveness, materialism, greed, lust, pride, and so on. Consider His work to free us from trauma, hurts, and shame from the past. Consider his work to free us from sickness and disease. Now consider His work to free us to taste the fruit of heaven…love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

We need both ministries; the ministry of freedom from and the ministry of freedom to. It’s impossible to experience joy while harboring bitterness or any other sin. Sometimes we must repent of the one to experience the other. Then there are the times when God’s presence breaks in and overwhelms every other thought and emotion. The key is to let God chose the appropriate strategy. The key for us is to embrace the invitation to be made whole in every area of life so that every year we can honestly say we are experiencing more freedom and more wholeness than ever before. Oh, and by the way, whatever we are unable to finish on this side will be finished when we stand in His holy, perfect, absolutely whole presence.

If you need help experiencing wholeness here are ways ember can help.


  • Ember Cares-A way to connect people with basic services for food, clothing, healthcare, housing, employment, resumes, etc
  • Professional Counseling –Licensed and pastoral care on a broad range of issues
  • Ember Celebrate Freedom – Group support for hurts, hang-ups, and addictions
  • Sozo Sessions-Inner healing and deliverance aimed at getting to the spiritual roots of hinderances to your connection with God

To begin the journey to wholeness today please call or text Kim Sconyers LPC at 803-899-2804.