Here at ember we value the safety of our children. Your trust in us to care for your children is not something we take lightly and we want to make sure that we take every possible step to ensure their safety, along with the safety of our volunteers.


  • Background checks – all volunteers must pass a background check before they are allowed to serve
  • Accountability – we make every effort to ensure that there is more than one volunteer in each room
  • Drop off/Pick up – we use a secure, computerized check-in system to check each child in to class. Each child receives a printed name tag each Sunday they attend. Along with the child’s name, the tag will list any allergies and a unique code. Parents will also receive a tag with the identical code that will serve as identification when picking up their child.
  • Children WILL NOT be released to parents while an emergency exit is in progress. Instead, once all children have been accounted for, the children will be released from our designated safe spot.



  • About the pick up process….because safety is a top priority we are asking all parents to keep their security tag and present it to the volunteer when picking up their child. Even if the volunteer knows you please present your tag to the volunteer. Having your tag already in hand quickens the process of picking your child up and demonstrates to all our families – first time visitors and regular attendees – that safety is a top priority.
  • During drop off/pick up please make every attempt to not enter the classroom. This helps our volunteers maintain order and safety for everyone.
  • Sickness – If your child displays any of the symptoms or conditions listed below we would appreciate your cooperation and consideration in not bringing them to nursery/Kingdom Kids/Youth class on Sunday.
    • Temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
    • Diarrhea/vomiting (especially within the previous 24 hours)
    • Unexplained infected skin patches, unusual spots or rashes
    • Evidence of head lice, scabies or other parasitic infections
    • Bacterial, fungal or viral infections (RSV, strep, flu, common cold, ringworm)
    • Discoloration of skin or eyes or discharge from the nose or eyes, other than clear
    • Severe coughing/wheezing/difficult or rapid breathing
  • Please note weCANNOT administer any medications to children. Also, if your child develops an infectious disease (chicken pox, pink eye, etc.) after he/she has been in our Nursery/Kingdom Kids/Youth class, we would appreciate you contacting us so other parents can be alerted.

We want to promote safety at every possible opportunity. We appreciate your help and your attention with this.